Friday, March 12, 2010

Calumet Park Stairway Proposed for Beach Access

Bird Rock has a beautiful, tranquil coastline, but it’s difficult to access. Bird Rock resident Claudia Anderson is a surfer who would like to see more access points to the coastline. She proposes building a staircase at Calumet Park to enable more people to visit the tide pools in Bird Rock. A well-worn dirt path currently leads from the park down to the beach. Anderson aired her suggestion at the Bird Rock Community Council (BRCC) meeting on March 2. “The question is, ‘What is Bird Rock?’” Anderson said. “We’re not just restaurants and shops. People are missing the fact that we have a great natural resource in our backyard — tide pools. Access to the beach will help bring people to visit Bird Rock.
The city needs to secure all the funding for the project before it can begin construction, which is estimated to start in late 2011. To voice your opinion about building a staircase at Calumet Park e-mail

Source: LJVN

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