Thursday, May 20, 2010

Waveriders Exhibit at La Jolla Historical Society

Exhibit is open at Wisteria Cottage Thursday and Friday's from noon to 4:00pm and presents the story of those La Jollans who first surfed our beaches and breaks.

Waveriders will feature photographic reproductions of early surfers on the water and on the shore and will include:

Where on the Waves Classic images of La Jolla’s surf spots at Windansea, the Cove and the Shores

Luau Legacies Stories and images of the fun to be had on the beach and in town

Kook Boxes and Planks A display of classic and boards showing the evolution from paddles boards to the first true surf boards

The First Surfers Images and stories of the young men who brought surfing to La Jolla.

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