Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters celebrates four years on the boulevard

Thanks to community support Bird Rock Coffee Roasters celebrated their fourth year serving and roasting organic & socially responsible coffee (no easy task since BRCR is across the street from Starbucks).

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters founded by Chuck Patton lives his values. He has initiated multiple outreach efforts to coffee producing countries with the support of loyal customers and the Bird Rock Community.

  • Bringing clean water to coffee farms and villages around them
  • Empowering homeless kids in developing countries by teaching them to surf
  • Educating orphans in the St. Mary Kevin orphanage in Uganda
  • Contributing to cancer prevention in coffee growing countries
  • Establishing relationships directly with coffee farmers to help them improve their crops and get the best possible price for their beans. Farmers in Nicaragua, Columbia, Ethiopia, Mexico & Guatemala.
Anyone who followed the "Where's Chuck" announcements knows first hand the passion and generosity Chuck has to improve the lives of others. We also have him to thank for creating a central meeting place for Bird Rock. Also providing space for the Bird Rock History Museum.
Although Bird Rock Coffee Roasters launched a Thank You Neighbors campaign, I think we should be thanking him.

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