Friday, August 27, 2010

A Caution to Local Dog Owners: Unfriendly Plants on the Bike Path

The following information is for neighbors who have dogs and walk the bike path stretching between Nautilus Street in La Jolla and La Jolla Hermosa Avenue in Bird Rock.
Two dogs were recently poisoned by Century Plants on the west side of the bike path (off Via De Norte). The plants have expanded into a large grove, and are a member of the agave family (large, bluish with sharp thorns on the ends of the leaves).
Squirrels hide in these plants and dogs who chase them can get the very toxic juices on their fur, ingest it and become extremely sick. One of these dogs sadly did not survive and the other required extensive emergency care and hospitalization. Keep your dogs away from these plants they are extremely toxic!

Sent as a community service by the Bird Rock Community Council

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