Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Love, Marriage and Italian Wine {La Jolla Style}

Do you love wine and want to be part of something special? La Jolla native and LJHS Alumni, Jeremy Parzen, decided to share with you the wines that he will be drinking to celebrate his upcoming union. Each wine played a role in he and his fiancé’s (Tracie B) coming together (on the blogosphere) and each wine has a special significance to them. And each wine will be served at their La Jolla wedding this weekend!

Do Bianchi Wedding Wine Six-Pack: The wines they will be drinking at our wedding celebration. As with past offerings, this wine six-pack makes for a perfect 6-person dinner party and is ordered according to weight at the pace and structure of a festive meal.

For detailed descriptions of each wine please click here.
To order, just send an email by clicking here.

1/31 .:.Offer has SOLD OUT.:.

Lastly, want to eat where Jeremy and Tracie B eat when they visit San Diego? Check out: Jaynes Gastropub

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