Tuesday, February 9, 2010

For Eco-Friendly Auto Washing and Detailing, try La Jolla's CARBONita Detail

Here in La Jolla, we’ve got to be smart about the water we use. This means we tend to make sacrifices for the ways we use our water. Majority of the time, washing our cars rarely happens because of the amount of water required to clean them. Getting you car cleaned only requires about a pint of water! Touting as Southern California’s environmentally friendly automotive detail company, CARBONita Detail is not only a values water conservation, they also use biodegradable and VOC compliant products, which help to reduce some of the most harmful effects on our environment. I had the opportunity to try out their services last week courtesy of Bryce Lindhardt, the owner of CARBONita Detail. Having a car that transports kids, dog & equipment I was a impressed how clean they were able to get my car and very pleased! In fact, it looks new again. I loved the fact that that their team comes to you. Right to your home or office, wherever you’re are located that day. You can go about your business and they’ll call you when your car is ready. I also got a kick out of seeing they send out their auto reconditioning experts in, none other than, a Smart Car (This company takes “green” to another level). Once they arrived I could tell right away these experts are specially trained in making sure the cars they detail come out looking their best. They will ask you for feedback and if you have an area you want focused on they are more than happy to oblige (mine was stained carpet). Now, there is no need to worry about having your car detailed at home. No water ever reaches the driveway or gutter, which can sometimes set your neighbors off in a panic. Just in case you haven’t figured out the best secret about this company, their mission statement is written in their name, CARBONita literally means: “beautiful car” and “small carbon”. This company truly is one of San Diego’s best kept secret. For more information about CARBONita Detail http://www.carbonitadetail.com/

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