Sunday, February 28, 2010

Locally owned, The Honest Kitchen Pet Food

The Honest Kitchen was founded by Bird Rock Residents, Lucy & Charlie Postins. Located in the East Village near Downtown San Diego. They are a premium pet food company that gives a different meaning to natural, holistic pet food products. I was surprised to learn, human beings actually taste each batch of pet food and cookies during the company’s pet food QC process, and it’s that wholesome. The company began as the result of a search for a solution: Kibble and canned foods are not so healthy, raw is messy and expensive. So they developed a food that would offer the convenience of the former, with the health benefits of the latter. Dehydrated food was The Honest Kitchen's answer. To find a store to purchase, sign up for newsletter, download a coupon or to fan/follow THK on Face Book or Twitter click here.
Our five month old Rhodesian Ridgeback, Ellie, just joined the The Honest Kitchen Birthday Club!

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