Thursday, April 8, 2010

Erosion Impacting Bird Rock Neighborhood Landmark and Namesake

This weeks La Jolla Light newspaper interviewed Bird Rock Resident, Don Schmidt, about the erosion impacting "Bird Rock". The Bird Rock neighborhood's namesake geological formation is offshore at the end of Bird Rock Avenue. "One of these days, there's going to be a big wave that comes in, and when it does, the rock is going to collapse," predicted Schmidt, a Bird Rock resident and La Jolla Historical Society member who has watched the rock literally "washing away" the last couple of years." Click here for rest of article.


  1. wow, I'm so bummed to read of Bird Rock's erosion! But so glad for your awesome blog so that I can feel connected with home. After all, I am a Bird Rock alumnus!

  2. I hope Don is wrong. (I love it when I rhyme unintentionally.)

    I lived in Sunset Cliffs for years and sadly saw many of the cliff formations crumble into the sea. Hate to see it happen in your neck of the woods too.