Friday, September 3, 2010

Locally Owned Eco-Friendly Lawn Care Service

The La Jolla Light recently profiled Clean Air Lawn Care, in case you missed the article I thought this story was worth repeating since they offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional gardening services:

We want to retire the gas lawn mower," says Ankist Zadeyan, co-owner of Clean Air Lawn Care San Diego. With gas lawn mowers having been the lawn mower of choice in recent years, this may seem like an ambitious goal, but he and his brother don't think the idea seems so far-fetched after all.
Ankist Zadeyan and Antranik Zadeyan, natives of La Jolla and alumni of La Jolla High, launched the San Diego franchise of Clean Air Lawn Care this summer with the hopes of providing San Diegans a lawn care service that is environmentally green. Read the full article here.

Solar panels on the company's truck powers the mowers.

I was surprised to learn the EPA says a gas mower emits the same amount of hydrocarbons in one hour as an SUV driven 23,500 miles. Learn more how Clean Air Lawn Care is Green.

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