Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Neighborhood Albertson's Store becomes Earth Friendly!

Locally Harvested Produce is Identified
Albertson's recently celebrated a grand re-opening. Introducing customers to their newly remodeled earth friendly store. As environmental stewards they are encouraging customer involvement in the company’s recycling programs and operationally they’ve committed to using energy and water more efficiently. Changes shoppers might notice are the 19 skylights bringing natural light in and reducing need for electric light. All dairy and frozen food doors are equipped with new LED lighting. Also during the remodel over 50% of construction waste was recycled or donated. I was also impressed to learn if there’s a power outage within the area, the store will be able to operate without disruption because electricity is generated on-site by the fuel cell. This will allow Albertsons to avoid costly food spoilage and ensure a reliable food supply in emergency situations.

What I like about our new store is they carry more organic and locally sourced fruits & vegetables. In this photo I took you can see they identify which were locally harvested. The deli counter also carries more readymade food which is helpful when you don’t have time to cook or need a bakery item last minute. Albertson's address is 703 Turquoise St., Paulette Loper is the store manager, let her know what you think about the changes!

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