Sunday, September 19, 2010

Please comment, what would you like to see next?

Bird Rock like many neighborhoods has been impacted by the recession. We've lost restaurants such as Bully's La Jolla, The Cotton Patch, The French Pastry Shop and Cuvee. Long ago we even had the upscale Cindy Blacks. We currently have more than one restaurant space available in the Bird Rock business district along La Jolla Blvd..  That got me thinking what kind of restaurant would we like to see next? What would the community support? I started a poll and listed favorites (has since ended) I'd love to see open a second location here. In no particular order I’d love to see Isabel’s Cantina, Blue Water Seafood , Blind Lady Ale House, The Wine Encounter, O’Brothers Burgers or Jayne’s Gastropub consider opening here.
However, you probably have ideas too. Please leave a comment and share your thoughts!


  1. Never been to Wine Encounter but based on name and concept have to go with that one.

  2. Ha! I second what Jennifer said. This is a tough question. I would like to see more family friendly reasonably priced places, though I'm pretty happy with(and addicted to) Beaumont's. So different cuisine than they have.

  3. What about something easy, quick and satisfying? I remember this great tiny pasta place back in Missouri. Everything on the menu is a flat $4.69. It would be a great addition. A nice wine/beer/cheese tasting place would be good too. Ever been to the Cask Room downtown? Something like that?